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City of The Village - 2304 Manchester Drive, The Village OK  73120
Telephone (405) 751-8861 - Fax (405)  748-7350

WATER:  Water service is provided to residents and businesses in The Village by the City of Oklahoma City. For customer service call 297-2833.  For an emergency call 297-3334. Since customers in The Village do not pay the same Ad Valorem (property) taxes as residents of Oklahoma City, (assessed to pay for water improvements), rates paid by residents of The Village are slightly higher than those paid by residents of Oklahoma City. Customers are billed directly for this service by the City of Oklahoma City.   

To learn why Oklahoma City owns the water system in The Village, Click Here.

RATIONING.   From time to time Oklahoma City issues Water Rationing rules.   When Oklahoma City proclaims a water emergency and establishes rationing guidelines, those regulations become effective in The Village automatically.  It is unlawful in The Village to violate these rules and, upon conviction, a person guilty of an offense can be fined up to $200.00.   

A mandatory “odd-even” watering system has been in place in since January, 2013.    For more information about water rationing rules and restrictions, Click Here.