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City of The Village - 2304 Manchester Drive, The Village OK  73120
Telephone (405) 751-8861 - Fax (405)  748-7350





Use & Disposal of Pesticides

Record Request Form

Utility Rate Schedule

Zoning Map

Use & Disposal of  Fertilizers

House Check Application

Residential Sanitation Rates

Census - The Village

Stormwater Phase II Plan

Tort Claim Form

Sanitation Service Route Map

Map of The Village

Adopt A Street Application Form

Alarm Permit Application

Sanitation Service Guidelines

Hawthorn PUD

Be A Good Neighbor

Autobank Draft Application

Bulk Waste Service Guidelines

Hidden Village PUD

Use Less Stuff

Building Permit Application - Commercial

Recycling Calendar 2017  -   2018

Casady Office Park PUD

Village Drive Flood Zone

Building Permit Application - Residential

Fee Schedules & Permit Fees

The Vineyard PUD

Good Citizenship Starts At Home

Voter Registration Form

EMSA Total Care FAQs

May Avenue Office Suites PUD

After The Storm 

Sales Tax Reporting Form

Recycling Service Route Map

Mulford Estates PUD

West Nile Virus FAQs

How to File A Complaint

Recycling Service Guidelines

Sober Houses FAQs

West Nile Virus Info

Residential Sale Application

Street Light Application Form

The Village Vision  Final Draft

10 Steps to Improve Air Quality

Garage Sale Sales Tax Reporting Form

OG&E  Tree Trimming FAQs

Stormwater BMPs

Employment Application

Diagram - Cart Placement Rules

Pollution Reporting Form

House Side Service Application

Hefner Offices PUD -  Final 02-19-2018

Braum's PUD  - Final 02-19-2018

Mulford Center PUD - Proposed

Resolution 11-06-2017 (A) Providing information about the proposed G.O. Bond Issue and election on 1/9/2018